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key issues considered relevant in a microfilming project.

INTRODUCTION Preservation is about linking the past with the future. It is about passing on cultural knowledge and information from one generation for the benefit of the next. Preservation helps to make heritage for the use to current and future generations either in its original format or in another usable way. Over centuries many societies have preserved their cultural heritage in a variety of ways.One of those preservation measures includes microfilming. In this paper the author is going to identify and explain the key issues considered relevant in a microfilming programming. DEFINITION OF TERMS Microfilming according to Chiwanza and Tsvuura  (2011:62) “is the photographic process of creating miniaturized images of records on high-resolution film.” According to Millar and Roper (1999:114) microfilming concentrates information into a compact and relatedly easy-to-use form, so that information from many records may be stored in a small space and read using microfilm or microfiche reader…